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I'm a Syrian Brazilian, Freelance Translator and Social media contributor @GlobalVoices @GVinArabic, Meedan, in Portuguese, Arabic and English.

A Syrian Artist Reimagines the World’s Powerful Leaders as Vulnerable Refugees

This Post was originally written  for Global Voices With the image of the “vulnerable” refugee dominating media coverage, Syrian painter Abdalla Al Omari wished to flip the script and show the world how powerful politicians would look like if they weren’t so lucky. Enter “The Vulnerability Series“. … Continue reading

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مبادرة تجمع الأطفال السوريين والفن برازيلي لتزيين مدرسة مخيمهم

المقال الأصلي بقلم ساولو فالي بتاريخ 24 أبريل/نيسان 2017 أخذت المبادرة – التي تستحق الكثير من التشجيع – مجموعة من فناني الشارع البرازيلي الشباب، للقاء فنانين وناشطين من بلدان مختلفة تتعرض لصراعات المسلحة. يحاولون فيها تحويل مخيمات اللاجئين لمدرسة حياة … Continue reading

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Brasileiros e sírios levam arte às crianças refugiadas colorindo cenários de guerra

Por Saulo Valley, abril 24, 2017 Uma iniciativa que merece muitos aplausos levou um grupo de jovens artistas de rua brasileiros, a se encontrar com artistas e ativistas de diversos países em conflito armado. Eles tentam transformar campos de refugiados … Continue reading

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Live Stream Twitter Accounts from Besieged Aleppo

Blood pools, bodies in streets and hospitals full of the wounded, those few scenes prevailing in the neighborhoods of eastern Aleppo as Syrian and Russian forces continue shelling the city with barrel bombs and missiles summing lives of thousands while … Continue reading

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Kudos Angel Soul, Omran will Stay in Syria

“Omran will stay” is a short film capturing the Syrian children suffering under daily jets bombing while the world ignorance is the master. But this film address the hope message saying that Syrian children are capable to build brighter future … Continue reading

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The White Helmets in Syria, The Humanity Savers soon in a Documentary

As much as I’m proud been Syrian, let’s say as a national who is gifted with thousands of years of genes development of civilization history, and although the present of my homeland is full of negative daily news, and despite the trouble … Continue reading

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How Refugees’ family members can find each other

Suche nach vermissten Angehörigen/Search for missing family members /recherche des personnes disparues / ٦. البحث عن المفقودين من أفراد الأسرة /جستجو برای افراد گمشده‌ی خانواده Suc… Source: Missing Persons

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بينهم سوريون ومن جنوب السودان، تعرف على فريق اللاجئين للألعاب الأولمبية في البرازيل

تم نشر المقال المترجم لكاتبه على موقع الأصوات العالمية تبدأ دورة الألعاب الأولمبية هذا العام في مدينة ريو دي جانيرو في البرازيل، التي ستستضيف لأول مرة في تاريخ الألعاب فريق للاجئين مكوّن من ست لاعبين وأربع لاعبات تعود جنسياتهم إلى جنوب السودان وجمهورية … Continue reading

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The Uncertain Future of the Syrian Revolution

This Post was originally translated  for Global Voices The Syrian Regime is willing to remain in its current position for years, as long as it does not pay for this time with the blood of its own fighters, but rather with … Continue reading

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The Real Stories Behind World’s First Refugee Team to Rio Olympics 2016

This year, the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro will be the first ever to host a team comprised entirely of refugees. The team consists of six male and four female athletes who have fled South Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, … Continue reading

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