The Sex Chats That End With Syrian Hackers 2/2

7.7GB of Data Stolen

Fireeye Stolen data

Scrrenshot of Fireeye report.

According to the report, these hacking actions resulted in 7.7 GB of stolen data, including military and political information, humanitarian activities, refugees profiles, communication and media.

In an Arabic post on Raseef22 blog, Mohamad Gazi writes the incidents that several officers of armed Syrian rebels were victims of sex-based hackers by publishing their photos, videos and stories of sexual actions. However, he doubts several cases though that it was used in advantage of real ones.

باختصار، سهّل عبد الرزاق طلاس وعبد العزيز كنعان مهمّة فبركة الفضائح التي تطال المعارضين السوريين. خبران صحيحان سمحا لعدد كبير من الأكاذيب بأن تنتشر استناداً إلى مصداقيتهما!

In short, the cases of Abdul Razak Tlass and Abdul Aziz Canaan made creating false scandals easier to affect the Syrian opposition. Only two real cases allowed for a large number of lies to spread on their credibility basis!

This is not the first time that an international organization detects possible Syrian regime tends to spy over its oppositions plan. Back in Dec 2012, when the Internet is back in Syria after three day of shot down, EFF has detected two new campaigns of Malware targeting Syrian activists associated with the same IP address.

The last report by FireEye comes after 47 weeks of violent war between fragmented armed divisions opposition to Assad regime who still denying any human rights violations and yet bombing indiscriminate civilian targets despite international condemnation. The war that results in losing lives of 210 thousands Syrian, since 18/03/2011, is taking further dimension online as now the Cybersex is changing the war grounds, Says Jamie Dettmer:

Forget pillow talk, the spyware they can insert in a victim’s computer will give them the full monty.

This Post was originally written for Global Voices


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