Live Stream Twitter Accounts from Besieged Aleppo

@AhmadAlkhtiib She survived, she run out from Death It's not a ghost, She's a woman survived from death #Aleppo today

It’s not a ghost, She’s a woman survived from death, Aleppo today. Photo source: @AhmadAlkhtiib

Blood pools, bodies in streets and hospitals full of the wounded, those few scenes prevailing in the neighborhoods of eastern Aleppo as Syrian and Russian forces continue shelling the city with barrel bombs and missiles summing lives of thousands while leaving 250,000 others without medical care due to systematic attacks against hospitals.

Despite these difficult humanitarian conditions, citizen media are tweeting effectively to show the world what means to be in a war zone. Below are selected accounts who are still blogging from besieged Aleppo.

Bana Alabed 

@AlabedBana is a 7 years old girl, tweeting live – the account managed by her mother – from East Aleppo. This sky rocket account has joined 185K followers since its joining the twitter in Septmber 2016. It might be the innocent tweets that reflect the Bana’s suffering which she is facing daily, describing her home-life, hobbys, drawings, exchanging messages with other children outside Syria, but she shock us with the lose of her young friends and hits of rockets in the neighborhood where she lives. Among her last tweets she alerted a serious danger on her family’s lives.

The White Helmets

@SyriaCivilDef is the Twitter account of the infamous White Helmets, the soul savers, nearly 3000 volunteer who act as rescue workers from local communities, risking their lives to save others and bring hope. With 60.1K followers, they are seen as heroes in a war that has claimed more than 470,000 lives in five years, although they were not granted the Nobel Peace Prize they nominated for in 2016.

أَحمَد Primo

@PrimoAhmad with 18k followers, a Syrian journalist  from Aleppo and founder of  a portal which detecting the false news on Syrian conflict and shared online.

Aleppo Media Center

@AleppoAMC is a media organization based in Aleppo and provide the coverage of the most important political, social, cultural and sporting events. With its 33.9K followers, it publish photos and posts from conflict area in distinctive coverage of all what is happening in the city of Aleppo, Syria. AMC aims through its work to provide a realistic picture of what is happening in Syria in light of the events of the Syrian Revolution news, neutrally.

Aleppo’s besieged neighborhoods, today morning

The bitterness of being displaced with primitive transport…wounded, elderly, and children, were forced by the shelling to leave their homes in the besieged Aleppo.

The United Nations said that about 16 thousand people have been displaced from the eastern districts of Aleppo to other areas in the city. The International Organization warned of the deterioration of the humanitarian situation faced by the residents of the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo. This comes as the clashes and bombings continue in the region. And the killing of dozens of civilians, including women and children.


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