The White Helmets in Syria, The Humanity Savers soon in a Documentary

As much as I’m proud been Syrian, let’s say as a national who is gifted with thousands of years of genes development of civilization history, and although the present of my homeland is full of negative daily news, and despite the trouble reaction that the whole world is taking on 5-years raged bloody war and brutal killing in all inhumanity ways (but still from human), I’m overwhelmed by the courage of these men who sacrifice all to save what’s left good in Aleppo, Syria. What remains of possible future for Syrians.

Their voluntary mission to be written on the bright side of Syria 21th century and modern history in the dark ages and ashes of human greediness of power, mass indiscriminate killing, shedding blood, destroying, and dropping all manners to lowest level in test of good faith.

While rest of the world is watching them rescue lives whereas their own lives are under risk, we must not keep arms crossed, some emotional or appreciation support is the least to do!!

Lately, Netflix announced to feature the White Helmets, or the Syrian Civil Defense volunteers in a short documentary. Nevertheless, their work deserves a long documentary, but might this simple contribution generates a poke that other media portal to follow.

Earlier in 2014, I posted a Powerful Video Shows a Syrian Toddler’s ‘Rebirth’ From Under the Rubble of a Bombed Building, at the time White Helmets org was still young and not well covered by media. I coordinated with The Syrian Campaign, their project organizer in #WithSyria campaign to End the Indiscriminate Bombing of Syrian Civilians.

After 2 years, I extend my proud-hearted to contribute of spreading the message of humanity savers.



About Rami Alhames

I'm a Syrian Brazilian, Freelance Translator and Social media contributor @GlobalVoices @GVinArabic, Meedan, in Portuguese, Arabic and English.
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