Who Is The Federal Agent Behind the Ray-Ban Glasses?


Newton Ishii, The Japanese Federal Agent. The Photo source Twitter

An edited copy is published on Global Voices

“Ai meu Deus, me dei mal, bateu à minha porta o Japonês da Federal”

“Oh my God, I feel bad, the Japanese Federal knocking at my door”

According to “Diálogos Políticos” blog, is this the main phrase of a “hit music” ahead of 2016 Brazil Carnival starting next 5th Feb, 2016. The Japanese mentioned is the Federal Police agent, Newton Ishii, who arrests the sentenced figures as result of Operação Lava Jato.

Probably you heard about the corruption scandal in Brazil, nowadays, this case is between Justice authorities hands since 2008. Lava Jato is a money laundering investigation, it has expanded to cover allegations of corruption at the national oil company Petrobras. This criminal “system” is known as “Petrolão” scheme suspected of moving more than 10 Billion Brazilian Reais (approx. USD 3.5 Billion in 2015) as bribes between pro-government politicians, top construction company executives among others.

Carnival Presence


Coming 2016 Carnival is selecting a popular figures who contributed to the Brazilian lives during 2015, and one of them is Ishii. Wrote Blog do Gordinho:

O agente da Polícia Federal Newton Ishii, que virou celebridade ao sempre estar presente nas prisões e apreensões da Operação Lava-Jato, promete ser um dos personagens mais citados no Carnaval de 2016. O policial, mais conhecido como “japonês da federal”, deverá ganhar um protótipo de máscara de carnaval produzido pela fábrica Condal, no Rio de Janeiro. Entretanto, para não gerar problemas com direitos de imagem, a empresa deverá recorrer a um “japonês genérico”.

Além disso, o agente vai virar boneco gigante no carnaval de Olinda. O gigante irá vestir a farda e o colete característicos da PF, pesar entre 18kg e 20kg e medir 2,20 metros. Outro personagem da Lava-Jato que estará presente nas ruas da cidade pernambucana é o juiz Sérgio Moro.

The Federal Police agent Newton Ishii, who became celebrity just been present in the arrests of Lava-jato operation, seems to be one of the most quoted characters in 2016. The police agent, known as “Japanese federal” should gain a carnival mask prototype produced by Condal factory in Rio de Janeiro. However, to not create problems with image rights, the company should use a “generic Japanese”.

In addition, the agent will be a giant character in the carnival of Olinda. The giant will wear the uniform and the characteristic federal police, weigh between 18 kg and 20 kg and measure 2.20 meters. Another character of the Lava-Jato will be presented in Pernambuco city streets is the judge Sergio Moro.

A factory is producing carnival masks of the federal police agent, Newton Ishii, the “Japanese” of Lava Jato operations.

What’s your favorite mask for the carnival this year? Eduardo Cunha (President of Parliament) or Newton Ishii of Federal Police?


Brazilians who support Ishii image as corruption-fighter posted their messages on Twitter, either by wishing him to exempt any corrupted Brazilian of his arrests (although he has no authority of legal charge) or by taking photos and greeting him online.

Grateful of Federal Agent kindness Ishii to take photo with me and my family.

Happy new year to Newton Ishii, great arrests. The federal police is well presented.

“The Federal Japanese” his name is Newton Ishii, an example.

To all, Judge Sergio Moro, the Attorney Deltan Dallagnol and Police Federal agent Newton Ishii, I forward my thanks of Lava-Jato [operation members].

  • Brazilians heroes: The judge [Sergio] Moro, Newton Ishii, and Jaquim Barbosa, we need more of such men. [mentioning the judge, the agent and the STF minister whom deliver the corruption sentences against accused executives]
  • The photo reads: The Japanese of sunglasses of federal police: The man who non of workers’ party members would like to meet.
  • Breaking News: After Arresting the politicians, the Japanese Newton Ishii of FP of Curitiba, changes his name and candidates to elections. sic!
  • The photo reads: The Japanese of federal police who no one of workers’ party members would like to meet.

Humor Politico (Political humor) published a cartoon showing ex-president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva hiding his head as ostrich. Many of Brazilian are accusing the leaders of Workers’ Party (PT) government, who in power since 2002. Lula, Brazil’s president between 2002-2010 and a popular figure is a constant criticized target in media and public due to his “potential” influence over the government of Dilma Rousseff, his successor and current elected president of Brazil 2010-2018.


Even Ishii himself, used Social Media to ask Brazilians’ support to fight the corruption


Though most of tweets were greeting Ishii work, not all Brazilians agree that Ishii is a clean, honest agent.

According to Epoca, a magazine of Globo Group, the agent of the Federal Police that appears in almost all the photos leading the arrested executives, has joined in 1976, arrested by FP itself during Operation Sucuri in 2003, suspected to integrate a smuggling gang between Brazil and Paraguay border. Accused of corruption, and expelled later from the PF.

The Japanese agent was reappointed the agent NEWTON HIDENORI ISHII the post of federal police

Ishii appealed to criminal and civil processes, and brought back to his profession. The Federal Police says that Ishii has his managers satisfaction and confidence and is an excellent professional.

  • If this Japanese ring your doorbell at your home at 6:00 AM, please don’t open, because you’ll be screwed. Ha!!
  • SMUGGLER leaker = Newton Hidenori Ishii
  • Who is the nice Japanese who is selling smuggled goods?
  • Is it true that Newton Ishii?
  • The Photo reads: Who is the federal agent behind the sunglasses? Newton Ishii, accused of corruption.

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