Alleged CW munitions in Syria fired from Iranian Falaq-2 type launchers

Whilst we certainly do not have enough information to positively identify the munition featured in the Mezzeh Airport launch video just yet, we can say that:

1.) It is likely a non-standard munition produced in Iran or Syria, not widely used or manufactured, but likely not an ‘improvised’ munition;

2.) It is a tube-launched munition, fired from an Iranian Falaq-2 launcher or copy;

3.) It appears to have a diameter of approximately 333mm or thereabouts at its widest points (warhead base plate and tail fin assembly), and a total length of at least 2800mm;

4.) The nature of the design means they are unlikely to be particularly long-range, nor particularly accurate

The Rogue Adventurer

Falaq-2 in Zahrra_2

Note: this piece is intended as a follow-up to my earlier, preliminary analysis of the unidentified munitions claimed to have been used to deliver chemical agents in Syria. It will repeat a little of the material covered in the earlier piece as it is intended to be translated and made available in Arabic. It should be stressed that this is still a preliminary analysis of the limited photographic and videographic material available. It is still not clear whether these munitions carried a CW payload, nor are their origins yet known.

UPDATE 31/08/2013: A second update including more details is available here. It appears increasingly likely that munitions of this variety are produced in at least two sizes.
UPDATE 07/09/2013: An earlier version of this post, translated into Arabic, is available here.

In an earlier post, I conducted a preliminary analysis of the unidentified munitions alleged to have been used in…

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