Syria: 18 Journalists Killed in January

Freedom-of-the-press-worldwide-in-2013. Source: Reporters without Borders on facebook

Freedom of the Press worldwide in 2013. Source: Reporters without Borders on Facebook

The Syrian Journalists Association (SJA) on Facebook [ar] reported that January 2013 was the deadest month for journalists since Syrian protests erupted in March 2011.

According to the page:

كانون ثاني/يناير الأعنف بحق الصحفيين والنشاط الإعلاميين منذ انطلاقة الثورة
في حصيلة هي الأعنف بحق رجال الإعلام منذ بداية الثورة السورية، وثقت لجنة الحريات الصحفية في رابطة الصحفيين السوريين والمعنية برصد وتوثيق الانتهاكات بحق الصحفيين والنشطاء الإعلاميين. وثقت مقتل /18/ صحفياً وناشطاً إعلامياً في شهر كانون ثاني يناير 2013 ليرتفع بذلك ضحايا الإعلام /127/

January has been the most violent month against journalists and media activists since the beginning of the revolution. The freedom of Press committee at the SJA has been able to document the murder of 18 journalists and media activists during the month of January 2013, making the number of victims climb to 127 journalists.

Syria ranked as the 176th country out of 179 countries in the Press Freedom Index, in the Reporters Without Borders’ 2012 report. Its president Bashar Al Assad is also regarded as one of the world’s 38 “Predators of Press freedom”.

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I'm a Syrian Brazilian, Freelance Translator and Social media contributor @GlobalVoices @GVinArabic, Meedan, in Portuguese, Arabic and English.
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