Syrian Children are Confronting Death /2/

UNICEF’s Children of Syria Winter Crisis Appeal ad in a London Subway Dec 2012

UNICEF’s Children of Syria Winter Crisis Appeal ad in a London Subway Dec 2012

On 18 Jan, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa Maria Calivis stated:

“A series of reports from Syria this week underlines the terrible price children are paying as long as conflict in the country rages.

Meanwhile, Syrian children are the forgotten victims for the 22 months conflict. The number of civilians children lives losses are accumulating everyday, whereas Syrian activists have no choice but to post the bad news.

15 Jan 2013: @rallaf: The Assad regime killed at least 21 children and 130 adults in #Syria yesterday, mostly in air strikes on homes and bakeries.

13 Jan 2013: @RevolutionSyria: Slaughtering over 52,000 defenseless civilians incl. 4,000 children isn’t a civil war but gigantic crimes against humanity. #Syria

12 Dec 2012: @RanaKabbani54 27 children + 13 mothers murdered by genocidal #Assad today, among 120 killed so far as a Christmas gift to our people. #Syria #AssadCrimes

12 Dec 2012: @farGar: NOT including today, more than 103 Syrians kids have been killed since Christmas eve #Childvictims

Dozens of Children Murdered in Syria

On May 25, 2011, after almost a month of his custody, the world heard the horrifying story of torturing and killing of Hamza Ali AlKhateeb, 13-year-old Syrian boy who died allegedly while in the custody of the Syrian government in Daraa.

His death showed numerous injuries, including broken bones, gunshot wounds, burn marks, and mutilated genitals

One year after Hamza’s martyrdom story, another shocking news. Al-Houla Massacre. In 25 May 2012, activists blamed forces loyal to Bashar al-Assad of murdering 108 Syrians, including 25 men, 34 women and 49 children under the age of 10 (per U.N. observers) by in the town of Al-Houla in Homs. The next footage [Warning: Graphic, Children Death] depicts the aftermath of a massacre showing children bodies, and human parts covered with blood.

The adults war cost in Syria is been paid by its children. Many Syrian refugee children are overwhelmed, as they have never imagined being caught in such a situation. Syrian Organization for the Defense of Human Rights wrote on its Facebook page in December 28, 2012:

Almost 4,000 Syrian children have been killed so far in Assad’s war on Syria, tens of thousands more are maimed and wounded, all are traumatized and terrorized.. Question for World leaders How many murdered children will it take to make a ‘red line’? by a regime that sees them as legitimate targets.

Let’s try to help Children of Syria. Donate to Save the Children to provide warm clothes, shoes, and blankets for children within a winter aid packages specially-made for infants.

Hopefully we could make a difference as Leila hoped on her Twitter:

@leila_na: Looking forward to the day when I’ll open my computer and will not find pictures of beautiful children slaughtered. #ThisIsSyria

This post is part of Global Voices special coverage Syria Protests 2011/13

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