Veta Dilma. WWF

“Veta Dilma” or “Dilma Veto,” aimed at Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff during a protest against the approval of the new Brazilian forest code. The new bill results into:

  • Eases rules on amount of forest farmers must preserve.
  • Millions of hectares to be reforested under new rules.
  • Farm lobby defeats Rousseff gov’t, which opposed final bill.
  • Rousseff may veto the bill, could spark fight with Congress.

Nevertheless Reuters reports:

Though the bill will require millions of hectares of already cleared land to be replanted, environmentalists say it makes it too easy for farmers, responsible for much of the deforestation of the Amazon and other swaths of environmentally sensitive land in recent decades, to comply with regulations that stipulate how much forest they must preserve.

“Veta Dilma” Around Brazil

Who support the environment raise your hand; Now, who support farmers group. Por Lute para o Hoje em Dia.

Stop the Bill of Defrosting, Veto Dilma, Join us. Brasilia. Código Florestal: mobilização pede veto de Dilma.

Um banner com o escrito "#VetaDilma!" foi estendido no gramado em frente ao Congresso Nacional. Os manifestantes cobraram as promessas de campanha da presidente. A banner with the writing "#VetaDilma!" was lying on the lawn in front of Congress. The protesters charged the campaign promises of the President. Foto: © Cristiano Costa / Greenpeace

Entidades repudiam ‘retrocessos’ na política ambiental brasileira. Entities repudiate 'setbacks' in Brazilian environmental policy. WWF Brasil.

Veta Dilma.

O povo pede revide à tocaia armada no senado. The people asked to fight back armed ambush in the Senate. Foto/Photo: Fabio Rodrigues.


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