Unemployment Rates in USA and Brazil

Economic news emerged earlier this month showing positive and negative employment numbers:

  • Sony said it would be laying of 10,000 workers worldwide,
  • Yahoo said it will cut 2,000 jobs, or nearly 14% of its workforce,
  • While Brazilian giant mining company, Vale, said it would be hiring around 10,000
  • And China officially unemployment rate calculated at 4%.

Brazil Unemployment figures
According to the Brazilian portal uol.com, on 26 April 2012,

O índice de desemprego no Brasil subiu em março para 6,2% da população economicamente ativa, o maior nível dos últimos nove meses, informou nesta quinta-feira o Instituto Brasileiro de Geografia e Estatística. A taxa de desemprego no Brasil saltou meio ponto percentual em comparação com a de fevereiro (5,7%), mas ficou abaixo da medida no mesmo mês do ano passado (6,5%).

The Unemployment in Brazil raised in March 2012 up to 6.2%, highest rate since 9 months, according to Brazilian institute of statistics. The unemployment rate in Brazil jumped compared with January 2012 (5.5%), February 2012 (5.7%), but remained far below the same month last year (6.5%). According to official statistics, the average monthly income of Brazilian workers in March to R$ 1,728.40 (1000 $).

USA is recovering
According to U.S. Job Market Weak; Brazil Job Market Strong ; Kenneth Rapoza’s article, Forbes:

The U.S. might not look so hot compared to China and Brazil, but compared to its Western peers, the U.S. is in incredible shape. Those who think President Obama has been a disaster should compare the U.S. economy and job market to that of Europe’s.

Unemployment rate in USA claims rose last week up to 8.2% as of March 2012. Jobless claims only fell by 1,000 to 388,000 in the week ending April 21, the highest number since early January.

However, Rapoza concluded saying:

Emerging markets are not growing at the record speeds they once were. But they are still the main growth story, and where much of the hiring is taking place.


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