Bicycles in Sao Paulo city

On the morning of March 2, Juliana Dias, 33 years, killed on her bicycle by a bus while she was driving to her work through Avenida Paulista-Sao Paulo. Her story shocked the cycling activists who are claiming more bicycles rights in the city, and therefore, sparked spontaneous protests across the city and opened a national debate.

The blog beirutwalls [Arabic] described the sadly accident:

Julie was driving on the right side as she does everyday in her way to work, between the bus and cars lanes. Offended by a car and annoyed her. The same happened with one bus driver, she showed her anger. The bus driver insisted to push her away, Inadvertently she fall down, and the next bus runs over her head.

Paulista area residents say that the driver who run over, who was not his fault, was her friend; they were exchanging greetings every morning when they meet in what avenue.

The first bus driver entered the jail, accused of killing non-intentional.

According to Sao Paulo’s transit authority blog

Um ciclista morre por semana no trânsito da cidade de São Paulo de 2010.

Almost one cyclist a week dies in a traffic accident in Sao Paulo in 2010.

Contribute to Dr. Dias. Beirutwalls blog

Leonardo Sakamoto, a professor of journalism at Sao Paulo’s PUC university, wrote on his blog:

Mais uma ciclista morreu atropelada em São Paulo. Novamente por um ônibus, novamente na via que é o símbolo do progresso, novamente gerando um protesto de pessoas que defendem que a cidade pertença a todos. E, novamente, criando indignação pelo congestionamento que tudo isso trouxe.

One more biker died after being run over in Sao Paulo. Again by a bus, again on a road that is a symbol of progress, again generating a protest by people who advocate that the city belongs to everyone. And again, creating outrage by congestion brought it all.

The cars are not the owners of roads

The cars are not the owners of roads. Source beirutwalls blog

Even though that gaining the bicycles rights on streets passed through a long history of leglisation and municipalities approval. According to bierutwalls [ar]:

في العام ٢٠١١ أخفض كساب الميزانية المخصصة للنقل العام الى نصف ما كانت عليه في الـ ٢٠١٠ ومع ذلك لم تنفذ كل المشاريع ولم يُصرف المبلغ المخصص لها. وذلك في خامس أكبر مدينة في العالم حيث عدد السكان يتجاوز العشرة ملايين، وحيث عدد السيارات الخصوصية عالي جدا بالنسبة للمدينة مما يؤدي إلى عرقلة حركة السير وتأخير المواصلات العامة. منذ ثلاثة أيام أقر كساب القانون الذي يؤسس لإنشاء نظام سير للدراجات الهوائية يتضمن طرق، ممرات ومسارات خاصة للدراجة وأماكن مخصصة لركنها.

In 2011, Kassab [the mayor of Sao Paulo] lowered the budget allocated to public transport to half to what it was in 2010; however, he did not implement all the projects and did not spend the whole amount in fifth-largest city in the world where the population exceeds ten millions, and where the number of private cars is too high for the city, which led to the traffic and public transport delays. Three days ago, Kassab passed a law that establish to create a new system of biking includes roads, lanes, bicycle paths and private parking spaces

Also, the good news spread on 17 February through Eu vou de Bike Blog, wrote [pt]:

A melhor notícia da semana para quem mora em São Paulo foi divulgada sem muito alarde na última quarta-feira. Segundo reportagem da Folha de S. Paulo, a cidade vai receber um sistema de compartilhamento com TRÊS MIL bicicletas espalhadas por 300 estações

The best news of the week to whom lives in Sao Paulo was released without much fanfare at last Wednesday. According to an article in the Folha de Sao Paulo, the city will receive a sharing system with THREE THOUSAND bicycle saround 300 stations

A set of photos were posted in the blog in way to protest and promote the case of bikers in Sao Paulo city.

«Only bike who save» / «Let me use the bicycle as a means of the movement» / «60 km/hr in Paulista street is a crime» / «your car and your speed can kill». Source beirutwalls blog

Help us map bicycles’ accidents in Sao Paulo

Furthermore, The blog Cidades para pessoas [pt] suggests a creative idea to reduce the bicycles accident in the city by citing a map Ajude a mapear acidentes com bicicletas em SP:

A proposta de criação desse mapa colaborativo foi postada na plataforma Cidade Democrática, onde podemos recrutar mais ajudantes para aperfeiçoá-lo. Com o tempo esse mapa vai se tornar um documento informal e pode ser usado como instrumento de demanda por mais segurança para os ciclistas ao poder público – além de ser um importante registro democrático e transparente dos acidentes na cidade. Em uma pesquisa encontramos mapas existentes que já mapearam os acidentes fatais envolvendo ciclistas em São Paulo nos anos de 2006, 2007 e 2008. Por isso é importante que juntemos esforços para tentar levantar os acidentes a partir de 2009.

The proposal to create this collaborative map was posted in City Democratic platform where we can recruit helpers to improve it. Over time this map will become an informal document and can be used as an instrument of demand for more safety for cyclists to the public – besides being an important democratic and transparent record of accidents in the city. In a survey found that already mapped fatal accidents involving cyclists in Sao Paulo in 2006, 2007 and 2008. Therefore it is important to join together efforts to try to raise the accidents from 2009.

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