2012 Best language to learn, Brazilian Portuguese

Lusophone countries

Helen Joyce wrote in the Economist “moreintelligentlife“:

If you want a decent return on your investment, says , the best language to learn is Brazilian Portuguese…

The Portuguese language is spoken in :

  • Africa: Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, São Tomé and Príncipe, Namibia and Cape Verde,
  • Latin America: Brazil,
  • Europe: Portugal, Luxembourg, part of Spain & France,
  • Asia: east Timor, Goa in India, Macau, Japan,
  • While Uruguay gave Portuguese an equal status to Spanish in its educational system at the north border with Brazil.

But there is one radical choice these days. Brazil as an emerging market with its population of 190 million and economic brightness where São Paulo leads Latin America’s business.

Helen concludes her Portuguese passion:

Best of all, you’ll stand out. Only about 10m Brazilians have reasonable English, and far more Anglophones speak French or Spanish than Portuguese, of any flavour. I did not choose this language; it was thrust on me by the offer of a job in São Paulo. But when I think of my sons, now ten and five, one day being able to write “fluent Brazilian Portuguese” on their CVs, I feel a little smug


About Rami Alhames

I'm a Syrian Brazilian, Freelance Translator and Social media contributor @GlobalVoices @GVinArabic, Meedan, in Portuguese, Arabic and English.
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