Germany as a BRIC Country

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany was wondering in her last visit to Beijing: should Germany join Brics countries to stay away from the cries of euro-zone?

Deep down, the Germans do not want to lead in Europe because they are not ready to pay the price for leadership.

Germany along with France have suffered from European crises and paid heavily to maintain the union, while:

The Bric strategy offers a way out of this “awkward-size” dilemma.

Though that 2012 carried Brazil ahead of England with 2.517 $Billion GDP, while China in front of Japan in the second place. The Brics emerging markets (Previously Bric before South Africa Joined in 2011) are pushing hard to take the best 10th economical ranks. However, the next 4th BRICS summit in March 2012, India, New Delhi will re-map the global economy again.

Finally, Mr. Münchau point out Germany case of joining Brics:

Germany is a very old and rich European country with a declining population – the total opposite of a Bric.

Continue reading from Wolfgang Münchau in FT the article: Germany: A Bric, or just stuck in a hard place?


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I'm a Syrian Brazilian, Freelance Translator and Social media contributor @GlobalVoices @GVinArabic, Meedan, in Portuguese, Arabic and English.
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